Stephen H. Levinsohn

Senior Linguistics Consultant

Stephen Levinsohn is a senior linguistics consultant with SIL International and has a doctorate in Linguistic Sciences from the University of Reading, England, on the topic Relationships between Constituents beyond the Clause in the Acts of the Apostles (1980), parts of which were published in 1987 by the Society of Biblical Literature under the title Textual Connections in Acts. He and his wife, Nessie, became members of SIL International in 1965. They worked with the Inga (Quechuan) people in Colombia from 1968 to 1997. Click here for a list of publications, which include materials developed for use in bilingual schools in the region as well as the New Testament in Inga, together with photocopies of notebooks containing analyses of Inga texts dating back to 1969–72. The list also contains details of volumes and articles on discourse features of Koiné Greek, Biblical Hebrew and a number of other languages, together with links to unpublished conference papers and seminar presentations.

Click here for a list of recent publications, conference papers and seminar presentations that supplement Discourse Features of New Testament Greek (Dallas: SIL International, 2000).

Since 1997 Stephen has run ‘Discourse for Translation’ workshops in 20 countries for linguist-translators working with over 400 languages. National and expatriate participants in the workshops first learn how to analyse texts in the languages they are studying (the receptor languages-RLs), while learning how the source languages handle the same discourse tasks. They then apply their discoveries to draft translations into the RLs. The ‘Discourse for Translation’ files on the next page were originally created during these workshops.

The files on the third page of this site are enhancements of SIL International’s Bible Analysis and Research Tool (BART) that display key discourse features of the Biblical Hebrew or Koiné Greek text. The displays make it easier for translators with limited knowledge of Hebrew or Greek to recognise the presence of these features in the source text.

En la última página se notan unas presentaciones en español sobre rasgos discursivos del griego o del hebreo, junto con los enlaces para descargar.

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Stephen H. Levinsohn 22nd February 2018