Stephen H. Levinsohn

Senior Linguistics Consultant

Introduction to ‘Discourse for Translation’ Files

The files on this page were originally created during ‘Discourse for Translation’ workshops run under the auspices of SIL International in various parts of the world. National and expatriate participants in the workshops were first taught how to analyse texts in the languages they were studying (the receptor languages―RLs), while learning how the source languages (SLs) handled the same discourse tasks. These lectures have been adapted to serve as self-instruction materials for two areas of discourse analysis:

The Nonnarrative course is supplemented by charts in the following four languages:

The second part of each workshop included a passage-by-passage and verse-by-verse exposition of discourse features in the SL of a Biblical book or passage, after which the participants applied worked on their draft translations into the RL. The following are the expositions that are currently available in English:

The Exodus file is supplemented by a file on Aspect in Biblical Hebrew.